ZHackers: Volume Two (Trade Paperback + Digital Download)

The powerful and compelling second volume!

One Day after the mad dash to safety...

Daniel, Richard, and Samantha awake to a very different world.

    Everyone has lost friends and family.

        The future, if there is one looks bleak.

All they have left is each other, and even that now seems uncertain.  The darkest times reveal the good and evil within the human heart.  What will they find at world's end?

Trade paperback copy of ZHackers: Volume Two.  Includes digital download.


  • Length: 99 pages
  • Size: 6in x 9in

Digital Download:

  • Firefox edition with bonus features
  • EPub edition
  • Kindle edition (AZW3) - new!
  • PDF edition
  • $10.00