The epic tale of geeks and zombies!

Daniel Jones was an engineering student...

He liked writing software and building robots,

and he'd design a microprocessor just because.

Like any good hacker, he ran Linux and loved the freedom to tinker.

Then the zombie apocalypse came.

And thus begins the adventure...

Daniel and his friends and fellow geeks, Samantha and Richard, are suddenly thrust into a dangerous new world.

As chaos reigns in the streets and civilization itself burns around them, they must find some way to survive.

They have no guns,

No chainsaws or crowbars

It's their wits against the horde.

Scientific method: check

Engineering mindset: Check

Hacker ethic: Check

Their alma mater's gone,

but they're still hackers.

ZHackers is the story of three extraordinary geeks and their struggle to survive,

to hold onto hope, and the principles they believe in,

even as it becomes more difficult to choose between what is right and what is easy.

ZHackers delivers thrilling action, chilling horror, feats of scientific and engineering prowess, geektastic delights aplenty, and above all a profoundly human heart.