• ZHackers, now cross-platform!
  • ZHackers, now cross-platform!


    After quite some time on the Ubuntu Software Center, I'm releasing ZHackers for download on all platforms!  Whether you use another Linux distro or Windows or Mac, you can now get ZHackers directly through this website. 

    For $2.99, you'll get a unique download link and key to DRM-Free ebooks in multiple formats, plus short stories and other bonus features. 

    Now, why am I offering ZHackers directly rather than using the usual ebook sellers?  Because it means I can offer better ebooks.  Amazon, Smashwords, Google Books, and pretty much everyone else require specific formats for all the books in their stores.  This works well for them, and it ensures things work consistently for their users.  But there are two caveats.  They don't own the text, but the ones that handle the conversion themselves frequently claim ownership over the specific file.  That means that I as the author would be prohibited from providing the files offered in their stores to my readers.  Secondly, enforcing a specific format limits the bonus features I can provide in addition to standard ebooks.

    Any ebook I could release through Amazon would be in some ways inferior to what I've been providing through the Ubuntu Software Center. And that presents me with a dilemma. Would it be unfair for people to pay the same for less? If I charged different prices for different versions, many readers might not realize that there were differences. 

    To their credit, in most ebook stores, authors can at least choose not to use DRM.  That's a very good thing, even if they do put DRM on books when the publisher requests it.  I'm not a fan of DRM, and I won't put it on ZHackers ebooks. 

    So the ebooks you'll find here will have the standard formats, nifty bonus features, and absolutely no DRM.  Plus the download page doesn't have any set download limits, so it'll be there to download again whenever you need.  Whatever system you have, you'll now be able to buy a copy and read it whenever and wherever. 


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