ZHackers: Volume One

The epic tale of geeks and zombies begins!

"A romp of a read. Jordan's writing style strikes the perfect balance of wit, pace, and characterization" -OMGUbuntu.co.uk

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When three geeks find themselves faced with a zombie apocalypse, they have to use their brains to find their way to safety and survive.

They have no guns, no chainsaws or crowbars. It's their wits against the horde.

Can three hackers pull off their hardest hack yet, surviving the threat of zombies, thirst, hunger, and internet withdrawal?

Furiously paced and full of Intelligence

For anyone who's ever cooked up a zombie plan, ZHackers will thrill and surprise with it's witty banter and clever insights.  More than mindless gore, it reaches deep into the hacker heart.  ZHackers is a zombie story for the thinking person, relying on keen observation, reasoning, and impassioned problem solving over guns and brawn.

Join Daniel, Richard, and Samantha on their quest to stay alive as the zombie apocalypse overwhelms their university campus.  They have no weapons and precious little information.  Can they use their wits to stay alive?